BDM launches its training offer for digital professionals

Our readers are constantly looking to train, acquire new skills, or retrain. We already offered training in our selections published each week, but we wanted to go further. To support you in your professional life, we are today launching 6 training courses in partnership with Skills4All. All these training courses are of excellent quality, 100% online, financeable by your CPF and certifying.

6 training courses for digital professions selected by BDM

For this launch, we offer you a catalog of 6 training courses:

  • The keys to digital marketing: complete training on growth hacking and digital marketing,
  • Master all the levers of digital marketing: an exhaustive overview of the different levers for building a marketing strategy,
  • The keys to community management: to learn how to create engaging content and implement a social media strategy,
  • The keys to SEO to improve your visibility: complete and advanced training to optimize your SEO on search engines,
  • Create a site on WordPress: to learn how to create a website on WordPress,
  • The keys to UI/UX: training to discover the design of interfaces adapted to users.

All these training courses have been rigorously selected by BDM. The programs have been validated by our team, as have the content and the profile of the trainers.

To offer you the best training and a quality platform to follow the different modules, we have formed a partnership with Skills4All, a recognized specialist in online training. Once registered, you will have access to a platform to follow the different video courses, but also take quizzes or practice exams.

Online training courses, certifying and financeable by your CPF

It is not always easy to choose the right training from a plethora of global offerings, with a very uneven level of quality. This is why our training offer in partnership with Skills4All only includes certifying training that can be financed with your CPF.

This is an important point, because you will be able to register for these training courses “for free” using your CPF account (with a remaining charge of €100). Skills4All is accredited by COFRAC (French Accreditation Committee) and Qualiopi certified, a guarantee of their level of quality.

We have also chosen to only offer you 100% online training in order to offer you more flexibility. You can follow the different modules at your own pace, depending on your availability. Finally, all these training courses are certified to facilitate your integration into the job market. At the end of each training course, you will have to take an exam to validate your knowledge.

How to register ?

To register, it’s very simple. All you have to do is click on one of the training courses offered, and check that it is suitable for your profile. Certain training courses have prerequisites (educational level, experience, etc.) and require more or less investment. Also make sure you have time and real motivation to follow the training courses, some of which can last more than 30 hours.

If you are interested in the training, simply fill out the form integrated into each training course with some personal information and the planned financing method. As soon as we receive your information, Skills4All will contact you very quickly to find out more about your project and support you in financing via the CPF.