ChatGPT on Mac: how to download the new application

ChatGPT on Mac: how to download the new application

During a special event, OpenAI unveiled several new features, including a macOS application for ChatGPT. This provides access to the world’s most popular AI chatbot directly on your laptop or desktop computer, without using a web browser. Find out how to download it.

OpenAI offers a desktop application for ChatGPT

OpenAI organized a rare conference to present several new features, including the announcement of its latest language model, GPT-4o, faster, more efficient and equipped with innovative features, which aims to replace GPT-3.5 and GPT- 4, the previous free and paid versions of its AI tool, respectively. Subscribers to ChatGPT Plus will have the privilege of using this new model first, and will also benefit from OpenAI’s other major announcement: the provision of a ChatGPT desktop application dedicated to Mac owners. In fact, it is now possible to use the chatbot on a Mac directly via a desktop application, without having to access the web interface.

This macOS version of ChatGPT is a native application. It is therefore not an adaptation of the web or iPadOS version of the AI ​​assistant. This offers a refined interface, similar in its procedures to web or mobile format. It is possible to customize a keyboard shortcut to directly open a dialog bar with ChatGPT, the same way you would call up your Mac’s Spotlight menu. Currently only the macOS desktop application is available, a Windows version should be offered “later this year”, according to OpenAI.

How to download the ChatGPT macOS app

Several conditions must be met to be able to install the ChatGPT application on your Mac. First of all, as OpenAI specifies, it is necessary to have a device equipped with a Silicon processor. In addition, it seems mandatory to have installed the latest version of the operating system for Mac, namely Sonoma. If these conditions are met, you should be able to install ChatGPT on your Mac…hopefully OpenAI offers it to you! Indeed, the invitation to download the application is offered to macOS users when opening the ChatGPT web version. A short text informs you of its availability, with an integrated download button.

By clicking on this button you will get a DMG file to install the application on your computer. No need to search for ChatGPT desktop version in the App Store, the AI ​​tool does not appear there, only the invitation on the web version gives you access to the download. Once the application is installed, you will be able to use the chatbot in a very traditional way and manage some settings already present in other versions, just like setting up a quick call keyboard shortcut. At the moment, not all ChatGPT Plus subscribers have access to the macOS application, but it should be available to everyone quickly.