Euro 2024: UEFA atomizes pirate streaming sites using this formidable technique

Since last Friday, Euro 2024 football has been launched in Germany. The sporting stakes are there, but it is also a juicy financial affair for UEFA which clearly does not intend to let pirate streaming sites ruin its business.

The specialized site TorrentFreak reports in this regard that the international body has put in place systems to detect and block pirate flows in a few minutes. She also closely scrutinizes social networks in order to identify any illegal distribution.

UEFA shows its muscles

Our colleagues have also noted that UEFA is very proactive towards search engines like Google which reference links to illegal streaming sites. By locating the notices published on the Lumen database, we can already see that thousands of pirated retransmission links have already been dereferenced.

Most are done preventively and while the portals in question do not yet broadcast the meetings. It therefore seems that Google considers that there are good reasons to believe that these platforms are preparing to infringe copyright.

Note also that UEFA has made a habit of directly contacting streaming sites that illegally broadcast matches to warn them. But our colleagues could not confirm that this happened for Euro 2024.

In addition to UEFA, the rights-holding channels are often very proactive during major international competitions. We particularly remember beIN Sports and its determined action last January.

The Qatari channel has in fact obtained the blocking of 56 pirate sites (IPTV and streaming) which illegally broadcast meetings in France. The broadcaster also managed to add 70 domain names to this list. The latter showed CAN matches.

Caroline Guenneteau, deputy general secretary of beIN Media Group and legal director of beIN Sports France, commented on this victory over pirate services: “It is very important to be proactive at the start of the competition where there is a maximum of illicit flows”.

What do you think of this aggressive strategy from UEFA to counter piracy? Will it be effective? Please feel free to share your views on this in the comments.

What you must remember :

  • UEFA is very active against pirate sites at the start of the Euro
  • Some links are dereferenced before even taking action
  • The financial stakes are enormous for the international organization

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