Everything we know so far about the mysterious new…

Everything we know so far about the mysterious new…

As usual, a new agent will be introduced during episode 9 of Valorant. They weren’t revealed at the very beginning of the episode with Act 1, but we were given a number of clues about the characters. Here’s what we know so far and what we can predict about the next agent to join Valorant.

We don’t get new content in Valorant as constantly as Fortnite or CoD, but Riot provides a constant stream of new maps and agents with each episode. The last new Agent, Clove, came out in episode 8, act 2, and before her Iso, in episode 7, act 3. We are now in episode 9, we know that a new agent is arriving soon.

So far, the developers have remained tight-lipped about the new character, and the leaks haven’t revealed much either. But a few key details were revealed in a recently released trailer for Episode 9 and in one of the new Battle Pass rewards. We can also use our knowledge of the general Valorant release schedule to make a prediction about when this new Agent will be released. Let’s start there.

The New Agent Episode 9: Release Date

We expect the new agent to be released in Episode 9, Act 2, which is scheduled to begin on Tuesday, August 20With the new content release schedule for episode launches, this could also happen on Wednesday or Thursday of this week.

There was a chance that the new Agent would release with Episode 9, Act 1, but with Riot working hard right now to release the console port (which is excellent, by the way), this new Agent will have to wait at least Act 2 or maybe even Act 3. Since Clove, the last agent to be released, has been in Valorant for three acts, we believe the new agent will arrive sooner rather than later.

The new agent of episode 9: physical appearance

We believe this agent will be a slender woman with long fingers, possibly claws. This is based on the only physical representation we’ve seen of them so far, which comes from an Easter egg you can find on the new Abyss map.

If you participate in a private match on Abyss and activate a cheat called “Ghost Mode” (which allows you to fly around the map), then you will be able to approach this glass structure near Site B, inside in which you can see the silhouette of a character considered to be the new Agent:

The character, seen just to the right of the crosshairs in the screenshot above, is pacing left and right behind the glass. It looks like a female figure, tall and slender, and based on the hands held behind the back, it has long fingers or claws.

Our claw theory is also supported by this very brief close-up of the new Agent’s hand that appeared at the very end of the Abyss trailer:

New Valorant Agent Claw

This will definitely be an agent closer to Omen rather than Raze or Gekko. Less laughter, more grunting.

The new agent of episode 9: context

We know next to nothing about their background or lore, but there is a new player card available in the Episode 9 Act 1 Battle Pass that the community is certain is related to the new agent. It depicts a silver and purple rose, surrounded by thorns, and is called “In Bloom.”

Valorant New Agent Player Card

We are therefore convinced that whatever the path of this new Agent, they have some sort of affinity with nature and we expect them to have a dark personalitygiven the cool color palette and emphasis on thorns. We believe that thorns will also be relevant to the agent’s abilities.

If you’ve played Riot’s other big hit, League of Legends, then this might all sound familiar, and that’s because they have a champion called Zyra who is also into Thorns. They may not be explicitly linked to each other, but it’s not unrealistic to imagine that the design of this new agent was inspired by Zyra.

The new agent of episode 9: ability predictions

All we need to predict the new agent’s abilities is one final shot from a recently released trailer for Episode 9, which depicts thorns sprout from the ground — an ability that does not currently exist in Valorant:

Valorant, new agent Thorns

Given that there are only five Sentinels but at least six of all other agent types, we believe the new agent will be a sentinel capable of producing thorns from the ground that will slow or damage enemies., maybe both. It may be that the thorns can be set as a trap, or that they should instead be deployed as a grenade, we just can’t tell at this point.

Besides the thorns, the claws of the new Agent also seem particularly significant, but it’s impossible to predict what a claw-based ability would look like. Maybe a stronger melee?

There you have it, everything we know, or at least can predict, about the next agent coming to Valorant in episode 9. What do you think of them so far, do they look like an agent, you’ll save the money Kingdom credits for?