FOAMSTARS: FUTURE FUNK, The Fourth Season of the game!

FOAMSTARS: FUTURE FUNK, The Fourth Season of the game!


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SQUARE ENIX recently announced the launch of FUTURE FUNKthe long-awaited fourth season of FOAMSTARS. This new season promises players an immersive experience with the addition of three new maps to explore and cover with moss for wild evenings. FUTURE FUNK also offers exciting new game modes, as well as new skins and items to unlock.

FUTURE FUNK highlights include:

  • Three new maps for each game mode: Star Hunt, Foamy Survival, and Rubber Duck Party. Each map offers a unique and challenging environment for players, ranging from a stunning seaside resort to a spooky amusement park.

  • Two new party events: Legend of Hair in Party mode over the top rope and Fatal Ball Party. These events feature exciting challenges where players must compete to knock out their opponents or score one-shot kills.

  • New Free Skins: Players can complete limited-time challenges to unlock eight new skins inspired by Hololive’s virtual characters.

  • Free Weekly Items: Every Friday, the FOAMSTARS Shop offers free items, including new dances, custom foam guns, and more.

  • Delirious Friday Evening: An exclusive festive event where players can test the next season’s FOAMSTAR before its official launch.

  • Ranked Party: Two limited-time seasonal events, the Lone Star Ranked Party and the Star Constellation Ranked Party, offering competitive challenges for solo and team players.

FUTURE FUNK promises an entertaining and thought-provoking experience for fans of FOAMSTARS, with new content and challenges to discover. The season is already available, so get ready to jump into the action and party like never before!