Hellblade 2: A journey into the depths of Psychosis!

THE May 21players will delve into a world as dark as it is fascinating with the long-awaited release of Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II on Xbox Series X|S and PC. In a recent statement, Dom MatthewsStudio Director Ninja Theory, shared details about the genesis of this long-awaited game, highlighting the collaboration with mental health experts to create an immersive and authentic experience.

The development team of Ninja Theory worked closely with mental health consultants to bring Senua’s experiences of psychosis to life in a faithful and respectful way. This collaboration resulted in the creation of “Senua’s Psychosis,” a video illustrating how Senua’s experiences are inspired by both neuroscience and real-life accounts of people who have had similar experiences.

The team’s main goal was to deeply understand psychosis and deliver an authentic representation in the game. To do this, they collaborated with Professor Paul Fletcher from the University of Cambridge, as well as the Recovery College East and other groups of people with unique perceptual and sensory experiences. This approach made it possible to enrich the character of Senua and make her story deeper and more authentic.

As the launch of Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II, the team hopes to once again provide an immersive and educational experience for players. By sharing behind-the-scenes development and highlighting the work of mental health consultants, Ninja Theory is committed to raising awareness of the challenges faced by people living with mental health disorders.

The video ” Senua’s Psychosis » as well as the talk “Hellblade: A Journey of the mind” offer an insight into how Senua’s psychosis was brought to life in the game, thanks to the valuable contribution of collaborators specialized in the field of mental health.

As the release date approaches, players can expect to delve into an emotionally intense adventure, which raises important questions about mental health and perception of reality.