Howling Waves Loong Pearl Location: The best place to farm…

Howling Waves Loong Pearl Location: The best place to farm…

The Pearl of Loong is one of the character ascension materials needed for ascending resonators like Jinhsi in Howling WavesIt was added to the game with the version 1.1 update and the new Mt. Firament zone.

So, if you want to farm Loong Pearl for Jinhsi or any other character, our guide on Wuthering Waves Loong Pearl location and best place to farm it will be helpful for you.

Howling Waves Loong Pearl Location

Location 2 on the Howling Waves Loong Pearls map

In Wuthering Waves, you can find a ton of Loong Pearls around the lake near Loong’s Rest in Mount Firament. So far, I’ve found 24 Loong Pearls around the area highlighted in the map screenshot above.

Location of the Pearl Loongs of the Howling Waves

You can also purchase Loong Pearl from Mianglong Chamber (more details on this will be added soon!)… Finally, you can purchase Loong Pearl from Shinfang Pharmacy in Jinzhou.

That being said, I have shared the map location below for players who are unsure where to find Shifang Pharmacy.

Shifang Wuthering Waves Pharmacy

That sums up our guide on Wuthering Waves Loong’s Pearl location and best farming spot.