Instagram: DM shares, a new key element for the algorithm

Instagram: DM shares, a new key element for the algorithm

In a post shared on his personal profile, Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri indicated that the platform’s algorithm, which was recently redesigned, places particular emphasis on a post’s ability to be shared via private message (DM) with other users. To materialize this visibility criterion, the social network is gradually implementing a share counter, visible on each post.

Instagram favors posts that are frequently shared privately

The information was anticipated, it is now confirmed: the Instagram algorithm, which already strongly favors posts generating interaction, amplifies the reach of content frequently shared privately.

This clarification on the internal workings of the application is not a surprise, given its constant adaptation to new user behaviors, which now seem to favor private channels. At the end of 2022, Adam Mosseri had already noted that users “post more Stories and send many more private messages than they post on their feed,” which had prompted him to deploy features promoting interactions within restricted circles.

According to its CEO, the number of shares has become “one of the main signals” used by Instagram to arbitrate static publications or Reels. Intended to reward creativity and originality, but also theoretically divisive content and provoking positive or negative emotions, this ranking method will allow certain publications “to increase (their) reach over time”he said. However, he warns: “Don’t try to force things, as a creator. But if you can, create content that people want to share with a friend or someone they care about.”.

The integration of this criterion is in addition to the three major modifications made to the algorithm recently, aiming, once again, to reward unique content likely to generate engagement in all its forms.

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Instagram is gradually introducing a share counter

Consequence: Instagram is gradually introducing a share counter, similar to the one for comments, displayed on each publication. As shown in the screenshot below, this counter will be visible to the right of the share icon. Initially tested with a limited number of users, but already visible on certain publications, this feature should be deployed to everyone in the coming days. No release date has been communicated for the moment.