New ë-C3 Aircross, 4 things to know about Citroën’s first electric SUV

New ë-C3 Aircross, 4 things to know about Citroën’s first electric SUV

Citroën unveils a brand new model, namely the new ë-C3 Aircross SUV, which shares the new Smart Car platform of the manufacturer’s recent electric C3. An SUV announced as robust and assertive, with more generous and more comfortable on-board space, without forgetting increased connectivity and the possibility of benefiting from 7 seats (5 seats for the electric version). A Citroën C3 available in a thermal version, in a hybrid version, but also (and above all!) in a 100% electric version!

Citroën’s first 100% electric compact SUV!

Lengthened to 4.39 meters, the new Citroën ë-C3 SUV is only offered in a 5-seater version and comes (as standard) with a Mode 3 cable. Citroën promises real space on board, with work carried out on the brightness to make this compact SUV a form of rolling living room.

There are Advanced Comfort seats, without forgetting of course the in-house suspension of the same name, which is based on a system of progressive hydraulic stops, to create a “flying carpet” effect. Despite everything, its designers also wanted to infuse it with “a robust and assertive SUV attitude“, without forgetting of course to tick the different boxes of Citroën’s new stylistic language.

Full connectivity on board

On board, the new electric Citroën ë-C3 Aircross has a large 10.2″ touch screen (from the Max version), allowing access to various shortcuts, the main navigation, telephone, and other functions. radio, applications, media… Wi-Fi is also included, allowing full compatibility with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. There are also two USB-C ports at the front, and two others in row 2.

Citroen Ec3 Aicross 4

The You version offers the Smartphone Station on board the new C3 Aircross which includes an integrated smartphone holder. The driver can then automatically launch the dedicated application using NFC wireless technology.

Added to this is a 15W charging mat housed in a dedicated storage space in the center console.

Up to 300 km of autonomy only, but…

The new Citroën ë-C3 Aircross SUV is only available with a single 113 hp electric engine. The latter is associated with a 44 kW battery, which promises autonomy of “until” 300 km according to the manufacturer.

Autonomy Citroen Ec3 Electric Aircross

In terms of recharging, allow around 5 hours at 7kW and 3 hours at 11 kW. With 100 kW fast charging, the vehicle can go from 20% to 80% charge in less than 30 minutes. Citroën has already indicated that a version based on a more powerful battery will be offered in 2025, with a range which will this time exceed 400 km.

A price less than €28,000

After the launch of the ë-C3 and C3, Citroën continues its mission to make electric mobility accessible to as many people as possible” explains the brand. Designed from the new “Smart Car” platform, the C3 Aircross SUV benefits from increased dimensions, without impacting its selling price.

Citroen Ec3 Aicross 2

According to the manufacturer, this allows it to be the first compact SUV on the European market to boast a selling price of less than €28,000, with regard to its 100% electric version. The Citroën ë-C3 Aircross is in fact priced from €27,400 in Europe. At this price, we have a 113 hp electric motor, in Max finish. The high-end Max version, equipped with the same 113 hp engine, is priced at €31,600.

Note, to conclude, that a study reveals that 30% of electric car owners plan to return to thermal.

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