SEO: Google disables infinite scroll in search results

The end of infinite scrolling on Google

Backpedaling for Google: the search engine will put an end to continuous scrolling for its search results pages (SERP). This feature was introduced in October 2021 on mobile, and in December 2022 on desktop, in order to offer an experience similar to that offered on social networks such as Instagram or TikTok.

Starting today, we’re bringing continuous scrolling to desktop in English in the US so you can continue to see more search results easily. When you reach the bottom of a search results page, you’ll now be able to see up to six pages of results.

– Google Google) December 5, 2022

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Google has indicated to the specialized media Search Engine Land that, as of today, infinite scroll would be disabled on computers, and in a few months on smartphones. In practice, users will observe a return of pagination with a button Following on PCs, while the button More results will be preferred on mobile.

Why is Google removing continuous scrolling from its SERPs?

Google said the change was intended “to display results faster for more searches, instead of automatically loading results that users haven’t explicitly requested.” The company also explained that infinite scrolling does not cause “a significant increase in satisfaction”In other words: the user experience was not conclusive.

So, what is the SEO impact to be expected? Likely a drop in click-through rate for URLs displayed on the second page as well as a drop in impressions.

A notable change for Google’s SERPs, which could however be further disrupted by the arrival of AI Overviews, which intends to offer “a new research experience”.