Slack: How to Create Lists to Manage Your Projects

Slack: How to Create Lists to Manage Your Projects

Unveiled in fall 2023, the lists are now available to all Slack users. With this new feature, the professional messaging platform is expanding its project management offering. In this article, learn what lists are and how to create them.

Slack: What is a list?

Lists in Slack are a versatile tool that can be used for a variety of tasks. You can use lists to break down project milestones, record comments, or create a contact list. This makes the feature flexible: you can add or remove items, assign tasks to collaborators, or change the view to fit your needs.

Slack lists have several components:

  • The elements : In classic view, an item corresponds to a row in the list. From a functional point of view, these items can be compared to cards on a Kanban board.
  • The fields : These are the different information you want to display for each item, for example the progress status, the deadline or an assigned collaborator.
  • Filters and layouts : These tools allow visualization in different forms, such as a classic list (table) or a panel (board) organized according to the criterion of your choice.
  • Discussion threads : Each element can be commented on, allowing you to identify a collaborator or to exchange.

How to Create a List in Slack

To create a list in Slack, here’s how:

  • At the bottom of the interface, tap ··· More,
  • Choose Lists,
  • In the upper right corner, tap Newthen on List,
  • You can then opt for a model (Project monitoring, Comments, Requests for assistanceetc.) or start from scratch by integrating your own elements.
Slack Create List

Your lists will be listed in the dedicated space (··· More > Lists). By default, lists you create are private and can only be seen by you. To share them, you can send them directly to one of your Slack channels or copy a share link. Users you assign a task to or mention in a comment will only be notified if the list is shared in a public channel.