Steam Controller Officially Launching Later This Year

Steam Controller Officially Launching Later This Year

A new official Steam controller has just been announced, but it’s now being produced in-house by Valve. Instead, the game retailer is relying on the Hori brand of controllers and gaming gadgets, which you may know from its collection of Nintendo Switch controllers.

It’s official ! Later this year, we’ll be treated to a brand new Steam controller made by Hori, a Japanese gaming brand you may know for their Nintendo Switch controllers or other gaming gadgets. Although Hori makes great controllers and has built a reputation for its products in the past, people are still skeptical about whether it will work for Steam.

New Steam controller announced

The Wireless Horipad for Steam is released on October 31and is available in four different colors: black, white, purple and neon yellow.

What is included

  • Four extension buttons whose functions can be assigned via an app
  • Gyroscopic function that allows you to control the camera intuitively by tilting the controller
  • Rapid fire feature that lets you press one button continuously
  • Bluetooth and wired support
  • Joystick touch sensor
  • Steam button
    • The controller has a Steam button on the top that takes you directly to the Steam window when pressed

This new controller also comes with an app that lets you customize the buttons and functions to suit your taste and playing style.

While this all sounds great so far and Hori is definitely a great brand of gamepads, there is still one problem. As stated on the product’s official website, the controller does NOT have vibration function, trackpad or headphone jack.

The lack of a vibration feature, in particular, is a major drawback for many, as it actually improves the gaming experience with a controller.

Comment from u/lurkingdanger22 from the discussion in PC games

Many are skeptical about this new controller, as there are obviously still much better options on the market, like the Xbox One Elite Series 2 Wireless Controller.