Stellar Blade update adds new outfits and hair slot

Sony Interactive Entertainment and SHIFT UP announced a free update for Starblade is available now with new outfits, a hair slot, and additional quality of life features. The update also applies various bug fixes, according to the game’s Twitter account.

Two new outfits have been added Starblade with the latest update, and a new hair slot allows players to change Eve’s hairstyle at any time. Boss Challenge mode will now also retain the costume players have changed into. Additionally, a toggle for “Skip” UI for cutscenes is now available in-game, and holding the button during the end credits will now speed up scrolling.

🔶New update details!

🔸Two new outfits have been added.
🔸Added a hair location to the menu so you can change your hairstyle at any time‼️
🔸You can enable/disable “skip” UI for cutscenes.
🔸Improved jump direction when swinging on the rope.
🔸Hold the button while finishing…

– StellarBlade (@StellarBlade) June 18, 2024

The previous update launched on May 24, offering Boss Challenge mode. This mode pits the player against the 19 bosses of the boss game. Progression in the Boss Challenge requires battle data on bosses the player has already defeated. Players can also fight bosses on Hard difficulty after seeing the end of the game.

To start the challenge, Starblade Players can either load and use their gear from their game, or choose one of many presets. Choosing the minimum preset presents a real challenge, and choosing the maximum preset gives the player more leeway to taunt their boss.

Once the challenge is completed, the battle data will be automatically analyzed. Players can see metrics like combat time, number of perfect parries and dodges, consumable usage, and much more. These metrics can be used to compare the player’s performance with that of their friends.

Starblade launched on April 26, 2023 worldwide, exclusively on PlayStation 5. A PC version is reportedly planned.