Terminator: Survivors – Immerse yourself in a world of merciless survival

A newcomer to the survival game arena is about to make its debut with Terminator: Survivors, developed by an emerging studio based in Milan. As interest in the game grows, here’s a look at the information recently revealed during a Steam Q&A:

  • First-person view (FPS): Players will be immersed in the heart of the action with an immersive perspective that will emphasize the intensity of the clashes.
  • Single-player and cooperative experience: Whether you prefer to face dangers alone or form a team of up to 4 players, Terminator: Survivors offers a variety of gameplay options to suit different play styles.
  • A Rich Storyline: The game promises a gripping story, detailing the events between the end of Terminator 2 and the start of the player’s adventure, while providing engaging side quests to extend the experience.
  • Vehicle Exploration: Players will have access to multiple vehicles to traverse the post-apocalyptic world, adding an extra dimension to exploration and survival.
  • A Single T-800: In homage to the franchise’s early films, a single T-800 will be present as the main enemy, providing a formidable challenge for brave players to overcome.
  • Craft and Survival: Building and improving a base will be essential to surviving in this hostile environment, providing players with the opportunity to prepare for the challenges ahead.

The Early Access PC is intended for October 24with a release on consoles planned for the near future.