These two companies want to solve the autonomy problem of smartphones, once and for all

Every year, smartphone brands develop new innovations to improve the performance of their products and to offer new features. However, until now there has been no real breakthrough to improve the technology used to make batteries. As a result, in the absence of major revolutions in battery design, brands are mainly focusing on the energy efficiency of components, as well as the charging speed. Some smartphones, to avoid battery life problems, also use larger batteries.

The OnePlus (and CATL) solution?

But the good news is that this year, a major improvement for smartphone batteries could hit the market. And the first brand to exploit this technology could be OnePlus. As our colleagues at Android Authority report, OnePlus recently published a series of teasers on the Chinese social network SamaGame, to discuss its future battery. Called “Glacier Battery”, it would put an end to the frustration that users may feel with the autonomy of their smartphones thanks to a capacity greater than current standards. According to the explanations of the Android Authority sitethis new battery which will be offered by OnePlus, would be supplied by CATL, a Chinese leader in this field.

For the moment, OnePlus is not giving more details, but the teaser announces a presentation which will take place on June 20. In the meantime, rumors are already circulating via unofficial sources on SamaGame. According to Android Authority, relayed by Digital Chat Station, the smartphone that OnePlus will present in China would be the Ace3 Pro. And the “Glacier” battery of this smartphone would have a capacity of 6,100 mAh. Thanks to new materials and a new structure, this battery would be able to store more energy without having an excessively high volume. Its thickness would be less than 9 mm. Furthermore, this technology would still be compatible with OnePlus’ 100W fast charging.

A necessary technology for the next generation of smartphones?

Furthermore, according to the source relayed by Android Authority, the Glacier battery should arrive on other OnePlus models. And if this CATL technology keeps its promises, we hope that it can also be used by other brands. Indeed, increasing battery capacities could be a necessity for the Android smartphone industry starting next year.

Indeed, rumors circulating about the next high-end chip of Qualcomm Snapdragon suggest that this component, if it will increase the power of smartphones, would be quite energy intensive. So many high-end devices using this chip could come with 6,000 mAh batteries. However, according to Digital Chat Station, the technology that OnePlus is preparing to present would increase this capacity, without making smartphones bulky.

  • Smartphones have evolved enormously in recent years, but not their batteries
  • However, a recent teaser from OnePlus suggests that the revolutionary battery we’ve been waiting for could finally arrive in 2024
  • The manufacturer would have worked with the company CATL to equip one of its new smartphones with a battery whose capacity is increased, but which remains relatively thin

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