This banking scam has caused thousands of victims in France: have you received it?



Since the end of May, thousands of people in France have received a text message that is striking. Société Générale (SG) informs them that they must take emergency action on their account and specifies: “In order to maintain access to our services, please identify yourself”.

A technique that wreaks havoc

They are then invited to click on a link which takes them to the bank’s website. This portal is, it is true, very similar to that of the SG but it is nothing of the sort. They are then asked to fill in their usernames and passwords and validate.

If you have completed this procedure, you have unfortunately been the victim of a scam. Bad actors now have sensitive information that could harm you. The maneuver is capable of wreaking havoc in France, because Société Générale has 9 million customers in France, as our colleagues at the Internet user.

If you have fallen into the trap, you must not panic and react appropriately. You should therefore call your bank advisor to inform them of the danger and encourage them to watch out for possible abnormal movements on your account. A change of username and passwords is also required.

Adopt good reflexes

Generally speaking, remember that no banking establishment will send you messages containing a link to log in. If something seems off, log directly into your banking app to check.

Unfortunately, the French have not yet correctly integrated the right reflexes when faced with the risks of banking scams. Last year we relayed a survey from the French Banking Federation (FBF). The survey noted in particular that 49% of respondents consulted suspicious messages received by e-mail, internet or SMS. Worse, 24% of those questioned responded favorably to their bank advisor if they asked them to carry out a transaction remotely.

Finally, we saw that the respondents did not necessarily have the right reflexes in the event of problems, because only 73% of them contacted their bank. The same proportion canceled their credit card, and 55% changed their password. To find out more about this investigation, you can always consult our dedicated article here.

What you must remember :

  • A scam targets Société Générale customers
  • The bank’s identity is stolen to steal their credentials
  • You have to be extra vigilant so as not to be fooled.

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